August 22, 2011

:: Today's Deal ::

Assalamualaikum ..

na share ngan u olls .. misti ade yang tengah dlm misi "no cellulit" en..

same goes to me....nyampah oke!!!

here we go ... Dora Slimming got the answer.

97% OFF Bodyline Enhancing + Skin Firming and Cellulite Reduction + Body Detox + Lymphatic Drainage Treatment @ Dorra Slimming for only RM10 instead of RM368!

credit to

yeay..aku da grab it, so u olL bile lagi..
cepat cepat..before the deal over !!


e k i n ♥ y u s r i said...

hye B2B
dtg cni dah follow

ameyamiza said...

hye .. thanks ekin n congratulation for your coming day .. wish everything going smooth..